• B. A. Sc. 2019

    Geological Engineering

    University of British Columbia

You can reach Kelsea at kelsea_krawetz@sfu.ca.

Meet Kelsea

Growing up in the Colorado Rockies, winter has always been Kelsea’s favorite season. Working as a backcountry photographer and a junior geotechnical engineer, she was driven to incorporate her experience in slope stability modelling and backcountry recreation. Kelsea is excited to work alongside research and industry groups to further avalanche modelling methods. She acknowledges that her academic background and social desires have shaped her privilege and she is committed to provide accessible information to further the development of avalanche forecasting tools.

Kelsea's research

The objective of Kelsea’s research is to determine the validity of incorporating precipitation data into the western Canada snowpack model. Her goal is to continue closing gaps between observed and modelled data to enhance snowpack model accuracy. By increasing the capacity of avalanche forecasting tools, this study will help reduce uncertainty in avalanche risk and hazard decision making.

Kelsea’s publications at SARP

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Kelsea’s research presentation videos

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