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A qualitative analysis of group formation, leadership and decision making in recreation groups traveling in avalanche terrain

Journal PaperUser Groups
Benjamin Zweifel, Pascal Haegeli
Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism. 5-6, 17-26
Publication year: 2014

How mountain snowmobilers adjust their riding preferences in response to avalanche hazard information available at different stages of backcountry trips

Conference Paper - ISSWUser Groups
Pascal Haegeli, Luke Strong-Cvetich, Wolfgang Haider
Proceedings of 2012 International Snow Science Workshop in Anchorage, AK, 800-806
Publication year: 2012

Out of Bounds Skiers and Avalanche Risk: High-risk Cohort Identification and Characterization

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Matt Gunn
M.R.M. research project no. 487, 2010-1. School of Resource and Environmental Management. Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, B.C.
Publication year: 2010