Publication Types:

Recent developments in applied snow and avalanche research

EditorialHazard AssessmentJournal Paper
Pascal Haegeli, Jürg Schweizer
Cold Regions Science and Technology, 120, 153-156
Publication year: 2015

The effectiveness of avalanche airbags

Journal PaperVulnerability & Rescue
Pascal Haegeli, Markus Falk, Emily Procter, Benjamin Zweifel, Frederic Jarry, Spencer Logan, Kalle Kronholm, Marek Biskubic, Hermann Brugger
Resuscitation, 85(9), 1197-1203
Publication year: 2014

A qualitative analysis of group formation, leadership and decision making in recreation groups traveling in avalanche terrain

Journal PaperUser Groups
Benjamin Zweifel, Pascal Haegeli
Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism. 5-6, 17-26
Publication year: 2014

Identifying a high-risk cohort in a complex and dynamic risk environment: Out-of-bounds skiing—an example from avalanche safety

Journal PaperUser Groups
Pascal Haegeli, Matt Gunn, Wolfgang Haider
Prevention Science, 13(6), 562-573
Publication year: 2012

Comparison of avalanche survival patterns in Canada and Switzerland

Journal PaperVulnerability & Rescue
Pascal Haegeli, Markus Falk, Hermann Brugger, Hans-Jürg Etter, Jeff Boyd
Journal of Canadian Medical Association, 183(7), 789-795
Publication year: 2011

Decision-making in avalanche terrain - Testing the effect of a decision aid for trip planning with a stated choice survey

Journal PaperTerrain Management
Pascal Haegeli, Wolfgang Haider, Margo Longland, Ben Beardmore
Natural Hazards, 52(1), 185-209
Publication year: 2010

Patterns of death among avalanche fatalities: a 21-year review

Journal PaperVulnerability & Rescue
Jeff Boyd, Pascal Haegeli, Riyad B. Abu-Laban, Michael Shuster, John C. Butt
Canadian Medical Association Journal, 180(5), 507-512
Publication year: 2009

Field observations for estimating the local avalanche danger in the Columbia Mountains of Canada

Hazard AssessmentJournal Paper
Bruce Jamieson, Pascal Haegeli, Juerg Schweizer
old Regions Science and Technology, 58(1-2), 84-91
Publication year: 2009

Comparing avalanche decision frameworks using accident data from the United States

Journal PaperRecording Systems & Decision Aids
Ian McCammon, Pascal Haegeli
Cold Regions Science and Technology, 47, 193-206
Publication year: 2007

Large-scale snow instability patterns in Western Canada: First analysis of the CAA-InfoEx database 1991-2002

Hazard AssessmentJournal Paper
Urs Gruber, Pascal Haegeli, Dave McClung, Evan Manners
Annals of Glaciology, 38, 15-20
Publication year: 2004

Hierarchy theory as a conceptual framework for scale issues in avalanche forecast modeling

Hazard AssessmentJournal Paper
Pascal Haegeli, Dave McClung
Annals of Glaciology, 38, 209-214
Publication year: 2004

Avalanche characteristics of a transitional snow climate – Columbia Mountains, British Columbia, Canada

Hazard AssessmentJournal Paper
Pascal Haegeli, Dave McClung
Cold Regions Science and Technology, 37, 255-276
Publication year: 2003