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Linking avalanche hazard in Western Canada to climate oscillations

Hazard AssessmentThesis
Bret Shandro
M.R.M. research project no. 676, 2017-9. School of Resource and Environmental Management. Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, B.C
Publication year: 2017

Spatial and temporal distribution of avalanche problem types in Western Canada: An analysis of the winter 2010-2016

Conference Paper - ISSWHazard Assessment
Bret Shandro, Pascal Haegeli, Grant Statham, James Floyer
Proceedings of 2016 International Snow Science Workshop in Breckenridge, CO, 1307-1314
Publication year: 2016

Recent developments in applied snow and avalanche research

EditorialHazard AssessmentJournal Paper
Pascal Haegeli, Jürg Schweizer
Cold Regions Science and Technology, 120, 153-156
Publication year: 2015

Field observations for estimating the local avalanche danger in the Columbia Mountains of Canada

Hazard AssessmentJournal Paper
Bruce Jamieson, Pascal Haegeli, Juerg Schweizer
old Regions Science and Technology, 58(1-2), 84-91
Publication year: 2009

Large-scale snow instability patterns in Western Canada: First analysis of the CAA-InfoEx database 1991-2002

Hazard AssessmentJournal Paper
Urs Gruber, Pascal Haegeli, Dave McClung, Evan Manners
Annals of Glaciology, 38, 15-20
Publication year: 2004

Hierarchy theory as a conceptual framework for scale issues in avalanche forecast modeling

Hazard AssessmentJournal Paper
Pascal Haegeli, Dave McClung
Annals of Glaciology, 38, 209-214
Publication year: 2004

Avalanche characteristics of a transitional snow climate – Columbia Mountains, British Columbia, Canada

Hazard AssessmentJournal Paper
Pascal Haegeli, Dave McClung
Cold Regions Science and Technology, 37, 255-276
Publication year: 2003