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Overview of Fatal Avalanche Accidents in the Mechanized Skiing Industry in Canada (1970-2020)

Accidents & RiskReport
Rosemary Langford and Pascal Haegeli
Research report prepared for HeliCat Canada, Simon Fraser University Avalanche Research Program, Burnaby BC, p. 18.
Publication year: 2020

Risk of death and major injury from natural winter hazards in helicopter and snowcat skiing in Canada

Accidents & RiskJournal Paper
Matthias Walcher, Pascal Haegeli and Sven Fuchs
Wilderness & Environmental Medicine, 30(3), 251-259. doi:10.1016/j.wem.2019.04.007
Publication year: 2019

Risk of death and major injury from natural hazards in mechanized backcountry skiing in Canada

Accidents & RiskConference Paper - ISSW
Matthias Walcher, Pascal Haegeli, Sven Fuchs
Proceedings of the 2018 International Snow Science Workshop in Innsbruck, Austria
Publication year: 2018

Quantitative Assessment of Risks Involved in Mechanized Skiing in Canada

Accidents & RiskThesis
Matthias Walcher
MSc Thesis in Water Management and Environmental Engineering - Mountain Risk Engineering, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria.
Publication year: 2017

Research on personal risk in outdoor recreation and nature-based tourism

Accidents & RiskEditorialJournal Paper
Pascal Haegeli, Ulrike Pröbstl-Haider
Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism
Publication year: 2016

Avalanche Accidents in Canada Volume 5: 1996 – 2007

Accidents & RiskBook
Bruce Jamieson, Pascal Haegeli, Dave Gauthier
Canadian Avalanche Association, Revelstoke BC, Canada. 413p. ISBN 978-0-9866597-4-4
Publication year: 2010