Cam Campbell and Pascal Haegeli
Safaie, S., Johnstone, S., Hastings, N.L., eds., Geological Survey of Canada, Open File 8910, 2022 p. 56-71,
Publication year: 2022

This first edition of the Resilience Pathways Report has convened and connected more than 70 experts from a wide range of institutions and disciplines. The intent is to better understand the disaster and climate risk interactions with socioeconomic development in BC and to identify gaps, challenges, and recommendations for a resilient path forward. The insights, analysis, and recommendations presented in this report are not unique to BC. They can be relevant and valuable for disaster and climate risk management practitioners across Canada and internationally. 

Our chapter on avalanches provides a detailed overview of avalanche risk and risk management practices in British Columbia and make suggestions for future investments and developments. Click here to access the entire project.