Important notice:

The visualizations shown on this page are produced by forcing the snow cover model SNOWPACK with weather forecasts from the HRDPS model. The data has not been verified with any weather or snow observations (i.e. the accuracy or reliability of the data is not guaranteed). The visuals are only provided to allow interested practitioners to get familiar with SNOWPACK model output and to assist in the development of meaningful operational products. Please note that the charts only offer a general, unverified perspective on basic snowpack patterns.

Snowfall dashboard

This dashboard shows temporal and spatial patterns in:

  • HN24
  • HN72
  • HS

according to various NWP model – SNOWPACK model combinations.

Select a region(s), NWP model(s), and weather variable from the legend. The date slider updates the variable shown on the map.

The most important input into snowpack models is precipitation, and so understanding patterns and errors in snowfall helps assess the accuracy of modelled snowpack patterns.

Representative treeline profiles


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